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“GAME OF THRONES”: “The Watchers on the Wall” (Recap/Review)

I was planning on saving myself when it comes to writing about Game of Thrones because whatever my opinion of the season was going to be, I believed it would be incomplete without the benefit of having seen all of it. Though some critics recap episode-by-episode anyway, I’ve never been comfortable with it. It’s the […]

Game of Thrones – Gilbert & Sullivan (UPDATED)

I am the very model of a dragon king Targaryen. I’ve studied all the families from Mallister to Jon Arryn. I’ve mastered all the magics from the fire to the facelessness, And yet I’m not so sure about that shadow-casting red priestess. I ride on dragons, reign down fire, and roar like a barbarian. I […]

Response to MovieBob’s “South Park” Article

This blog post is pretty much a copy-paste of a response I wrote to a friend of mine on an article he put out on one of my favorite online publications on the Internet – The Escapist – last Friday. Bob Chipman, better known as “MovieBob”, posted an article about South Park in a weekly […]