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When I Say “Never Trump,” I Mean: NEVER TRUMP!

Look upon the face of America, ye Mighty, and despair. Donald Trump now has the endorsement of Ted Cruz, the man who just two months ago – on the center stage of the Republican National Convention – ended his rousing, patriotic ode to liberty and sound governance with the plea to vote your conscience. Everyone […]

Whatever Your Hangups, America and its Military Deserve Your Respect

It feels strange to put a post like this in the “Political” category, but at this point it can’t help but be that. I am often told, especially today, that respect and support for one’s country and military in particular must be earned, not assumed. That seems to be a common go-to for the people defending […]

“V for Verbatim” is now Official!

Here’s something I probably should have done years ago, but the sheer infrequency of updates between 2014 and 2015 made doing so seem pointless. I have claimed, as an official domain name, “V for Verbatim” for my blog, with the “” fluff finally taken out. I am treating this as an incentive and challenge to […]