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How Merrick Garland Should Respond to the Waldman Plan

One of the latest expressions of the first three stages of grief by many on the Left in the wake of their election failures involves a plea for further descent into political disorder and national lawlessness.  David Waldman (of the DailyKos)’s master plan goes like this: On January 3, 2017, Vice President Biden, Dick Durbin, […]

The Illusion of Community

This isn’t a nice post, and it’s not about those who we’ve already lost. It’s about why we’ve lost them and how to keep from losing more. Thank you to the many people … Source: The Illusion of Community

“V for Verbatim” is now Official!

Here’s something I probably should have done years ago, but the sheer infrequency of updates between 2014 and 2015 made doing so seem pointless. I have claimed, as an official domain name, “V for Verbatim” for my blog, with the “” fluff finally taken out. I am treating this as an incentive and challenge to […]

Hunger Games Needs More Hunger

A very short non-spoiler note about “Catching Fire” written on my phone. What I think is missing from the thematic resonance of “Catching Fire” is the culturally ingrained fascination and addiction to the sport and the implied reflection born onto real life. Without having read the books, it’s not hard to see that Suzanne Collins […]