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Strategy with V #1 (September 28, 2013)

Of all the things in politics that I hate, the one I despise the most is the single-issue voter. And it’s not just because some people wouldn’t mind a zombie apocalypse breaking out as long as it meant that they could hold onto their precious birth control. No, this is something a little different. My […]

GRANITE STATE: Reflections on the Science of “Breaking Bad”‘s Change

Some people are undoubtedly going to call Granite State a filler episode, a boring uneventful juxtaposing chapter before what is most likely going to be one of the most teeth-gnashing series finales in television history. I disagree. This episode is two things: a buildup, and a reflection. In the first episode, Walter White explained his […]

FURIOUS SIX: Lessons on Elevating a Stale Franchise

I was chatting with a buddy about the franchise as of late, and it inspired me to write a little note about it. Quick clarification: This is not a review, even if it’s going to sound like one. In my last post, I mentioned that all in all, this summer’s blockbuster season has been, while […]