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The Web of Mediocrity

I’m shocked to tell you that the film is just as bad as I have been predicting it would be pretty much from the 2nd trailer onwards. Those who have seen the film are acutely aware that there is essentially nothing to spoil about this movie. First, let me talk about what I liked, or […]

An Explanation on Mitt’s Electability Problem

On the one hand he’s a flip-flopper, and on another hand he’s a super-rich not-your-average-Willard. These problems are interconnected and compounded by the fact that American people are, by their very nature, simple. This is not an insult. It’s just a fact. People want their leaders to be just like their spouses – compatible, communicable, […]

Context, Timing, & Success: The Case for Mitt Romney

With the nomination now in his hands, it falls on me to defend Mitt Romney against the real opponents – the ones on the sidelines gleefully munching on popcorn during the horror fest that was the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary. At the time, I could justify my support for Romney simply on the grounds that […]

Legislative Obstruction

If there is one issue that gets awkwardly danced around by Republicans due to the fact that it is considered a political minefield, it’s this one. You hear it all the time from liberals. Republican = Party of No, the Naysayers, the majority for the Do Nothing Congress, the list of uninteresting names goes on […]