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The Top Five Best Videogames of 2012

As mentioned in my previous note, it has been a really great year for movies. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Videogames. As I have become busier and busier, the time I generally have to play videogames has significantly decreased, but I have nonetheless paid attention and have played enough to give a comfortable […]

The Top Ten Best Films of 2012

It’s been a hell of a year for movies. There were a lot of great films…and also a handful of terrible films. It has also been a year where I have grown into my new hobby, which is media criticism/commentary. As a result, I’ve seen more movies in theaters in 2012 than I’ve ever seen […]

The Return To Middle Earth

As you’ll recall from my first article, I had two major fears going into this film. The first fear was that this film would stuff itself with too much of the book and thus become overly bloated. The second fear, which in many respects is linked to the first was that the beginning would be […]

How the Republican Party Failed

Not long ago, I stated on Facebook that there is no happy ending for the Republican Party this year. It may surprise you to find out that I am not conjecturing on the basis of personal pessimism. If the Bush Tax Cuts for the middle class expire, the GOP will get the blame, whether they […]

Expecting the Unexpected: An Early Spoiler-Free Look Into “The Hobbit”

Mark your calendars, dishevel your hair, press your clothes, pack your bags, and get all your housekeeping business and Christmas shopping done now, because the year 2012 has saved what may be its best film for last, with the release of Peter Jackson’s long-awaited return to everyone’s favorite countryside, Middle Earth – The Hobbit: An […]