Against Political Violence

I am a student and practitioner of the martial arts. I began taking self-defense classes at a young age. As I grew into maturity, I came to understand the arts as not solely a prescription for unarmed personal protection, or method for maintaining physical fitness, but as a philosophy and discipline of life. One of […]

Farewell Barack Obama: I Will Not Miss His Presidency

I wish Barack Obama and his family all the very best in their lives going forward. May they be blessed with joy, love, grace, and prosperity. I will not, however, miss his presidency, and to it I say farewell and good riddance. There are two reasons. First, Obama has been an abysmal chief executive, both domestically […]

How Merrick Garland Should Respond to the Waldman Plan

One of the latest expressions of the first three stages of grief by many on the Left in the wake of their election failures involves a plea for further descent into political disorder and national lawlessness.  David Waldman (of the DailyKos)’s master plan goes like this: On January 3, 2017, Vice President Biden, Dick Durbin, […]

Don’t Take the Bait with Trump’s Flag Burning Comments

Earlier this morning, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted the following: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” Don’t do it. Don’t fall for it. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t make an embarrassing spectacle of yourself. […]

A Plea for Thanksgiving Reconciliation

Dear friends, peers, colleagues, family members, and readers everywhere, I have little left to offer but these words. Since the election we have only turned more inward and hostile. We are doing more damage to ourselves and our peers than a President Trump could ever do to us. We have forgotten who we are as […]

Strategy with V #2: Donald Trump Won. Get Over It (November 9, 2016)

Donald Trump and his movement defied the odds yesterday and won the Electoral College, cementing him as the 45th President of the United States. At this time we await results only from Michigan, Arizona, and New Hampshire, with only N.H. swinging for Hillary Clinton. Thus, popular vote notwithstanding the electoral breakdown looks to be 232 […]

The Illusion of Community

This isn’t a nice post, and it’s not about those who we’ve already lost. It’s about why we’ve lost them and how to keep from losing more. Thank you to the many people … Source: The Illusion of Community

Donald Trump: The Era of Schrodinger’s Outrage and Virtue Signaling

This is a message for my loudmouthed conservative and Republican peers now repudiating their prior commitment to vote for Trump, and seeking to wash themselves free of Trump’s tiny “pussy-grabbing” hands in the wake of the “locker room banter” revelation. If you think that your integrity can be so easily repaired by some public magic […]

When I Say “Never Trump,” I Mean: NEVER TRUMP!

Look upon the face of America, ye Mighty, and despair. Donald Trump now has the endorsement of Ted Cruz, the man who just two months ago – on the center stage of the Republican National Convention – ended his rousing, patriotic ode to liberty and sound governance with the plea to vote your conscience. Everyone […]

Whatever Your Hangups, America and its Military Deserve Your Respect

It feels strange to put a post like this in the “Political” category, but at this point it can’t help but be that. I am often told, especially today, that respect and support for one’s country and military in particular must be earned, not assumed. That seems to be a common go-to for the people defending […]