REVIEW: “Year Of American Discontent: Essays on Crises of Division, Disinformation, and Dysfunction in 2020” by Kris Murthy

· Political

The following essay is a review that was originally intended for publication on Amazon.

It may be for the best that I will probably never publish a book.  If I did, it would be 800 pages before the end of Part I, and it would have been published over the dead bodies of every editor who tried to trim its content.

My great uncle has a different attitude on this, and it has served him well.  Straight from the drafts of his blog Murthy’s Musings has come the book Year Of American Discontent: Essays on Crises of Division, Disinformation, and Dysfunction in 2020.  It is a title longer than the book itself, and like the blog it is less a singular cohesive thesis and more of a series of musings on the political and social chaos that defines the year 2020.

Being the outspoken conservative in the family, I have had the pleasure of speaking with Kris Murthy about the changing faces of American politics over the years. So he will understand it for the high compliment that it is when I say that his essays read less like the writings of an liberal and more like those of a struggling idealist. The less politically minded you are, the more the book will have for you, unless you’re specifically in the business of marketing. Then it might be a required reading. Murthy (unrelated to the surgeon general, by the way) weaves personal stories with contemporary observations in a graceful and open-minded fashion. And for those of you who have the privilege of knowing him, its wisdom transcends the pages.

It is also short enough to read on a metro ride.

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